How Digital Business Card Works

Digital Business Cards make it easier to create, view, and share contact information in any device. An Digital Business Card displays your contact information similar to a paper business card.

Sometimes it is worth to change your mind. Why do we as entrepeneur do what we do? Online Marketing is all about creating value based on intangible assets.

People pay more than your brand is actually worth because they value something in addition to the product itself.

digital business card

We create value and everyone recognizes that it is valuable. They think it is enjoyable, interesting, inspiring, compelling or shareable. Maybe a better word is rewarding.

Digital Business Cards create rewarding experiences that encourage people to pay more for your product.

Digital Business Card is responsible for spreading the word, for letting people know what your brand stands for. just click to text or email, enter a phone number and send it.

Your contact will receive your text message or email with your digital business card, he will click to open and see your digital business card, with one click they will add and follow your on social media, and save you to the contact list.

Things began changing as some companies grew larger and larger and began offering digital business cards that warranted having their own brand online, market segment and many more specialized possbilities that addressed and mulled over the needs of their particular markets.

However, If you expect your business to grow really big in next two or three years, then you should consider picking up a digital business card with room to grow.

By grow, I mean upgrading your information online – from simple information to a complete features about your business – for more exposure power, sharing capacity, connecting to your customers, and better communication features.

Why You Need a Digital Business Card

Paper Business Cards – Keep Them or Trash Them?

In a business world ruled by technology, is a business card still relevant? When was the last time you actually dug into your pocket or briefcase to hand one out or to look at someone else’s? Some say the day of handing out a business card has long come and gone. Others argue this handy tool is here to stay.

Reasons to trash business cards

In a paperless age, Wannado Cards is here to bring your business cards into the digital world, keep in mind to create your digital business card and be online and available 24/7.

Never again waste time searching in all of your pant’s pockets or different purses for that little piece of paper. By using Wannado Cards, they will all be saved in one place right away.

Save you and your business some time by having all your contacts information straight to their phones. You can even have your new contacts added straight to your social media channels and they will follow you and see all your updates.

How Often Your Forget Your Paper Business Card?

However, not everyone of us has a business card, and even if we do, we often forget. The digital business card, is now the standard for sharing our contact information electronically.

These digital business cards provide our business many benefits we might not be aware of at first. Don’t be the one to stand out because you don’t have this new business networking tool. click here to check the plans to create your virtual business card. 

Frequent Asked Questions About Digital Business Cards

How do you send a business card on an iPhone?

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to send digital business card contact information via SMS is by using your existing contact information in your iPhone’s Address Book. Select “your Contact” copy and paste your digital business card url in the text body message, and it will  click send with your digital business card attached.

What is a digital business Card?

Digital business card is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds. … Digital business promises to usher in an unprecedented convergence of people, business, and things that disrupts existing online business models”.