The Importance of a Digital Business Card

Posted on: September 19,2018 at 3:11 pm
importance digital business card

With most companies migrating to the digital world, why not migrate to a digital business card as well, not to mention that they can offer much more than a simple paper business card


Digital business card can be one of the most important instruments in the business world, imagine you meet someone at a business meeting, and after many conversations you forget the person’s name.

The first thing you do when meeting a person at a business network it is the exchange of business cards, imagine that you can be the first to make a good impression when sending your digital business card to that person, your information is already going be saved in their contact list, and text message.

The digital business card is the gateway to your business, it could lead you to a great new deal, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make money.

Digital Business Card Talk About You And Your Business

Digital business cards have been around since the beginning of internet and are a simple, effective way of exchanging contact information in a digital format. They are a paperless handshake, an expression of a brand or ethos as a first and, hopefully, lasting impression. Whether you are at a conference, a workshop, a potential client meeting, or even a spontaneous conversation; the digital business card has, time and time again, been there to help create relationships between people.

Although it still holds importance for many people and many cultures, some people now prefer digital information, such as requesting an email, or submitting information directly into their smartphone or tablet. These methods are becoming commonplace at networking events and the transition from physical to digital seems to be the new order.

What Can You Do With a Digital Business Card?

After sending your digital business card to your contact list, they can:

  1. Call you with one click
  2. Text you easily
  3. Send and email to you
  4. Go to your website clicking your link
  5. Connect to your social media channels
  6. Refer you to their friends just with click.

Saving Time and Money With Digital Business Card

Update your digital business card any time, your phone number or email address or any other detail on the card changes, you do not have to waste a lot of money printing new business cards. Instead you can change them for free, and that too, in a matter of seconds.

just access the back end of your digital business card and update your information in real time.

wordpress dashboard

You can change the layout, phone number, email, links to social media and after saving your information, everyone that already have your digital business card will receive the updates automatically.

Plans Starting at $99 a year, click here to learn more

The Best Digital Business Card App Today

There are now also a tom of Apps on the market that cater for this. Take Wannado Cards for example,  you can create a custom digital business card in minutes and send the information to an address book contact on your iPhone. With Wannado Cards you can also ask them to connect automatically connect to you social media channels.

Also there’s other apps that allows you to create your digital business card but you are limited to one simple layout.

When you sending your digital business card to your recipients don’t even require the to have app and once a card is received the phone also stores your information, so their will always remember where and when you are!

There are many more alternative Apps to the ones mentioned above, check out our Best 11 Apps for Creating Custom Digital Business Card but the point to be made here is that although seemingly impersonal, so long as you have a smart phone at hand there are solutions that allow for information exchange and storage whether your new connection has either a physical or digital business card.


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How To Create Your Digital Business Card

To create your digital card, you have to go to Digital Business Card and Choose a plan starting at $99 annually and create your account and your cards. It is a slightly simple process then you can simply send over a digital card to your clients in no time.

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