Why You Need a Electronic Business Card in a Digital Age

Posted on: April 19,2018 at 6:45 pm
digital business card

While contacts information is incredibly important, there are other options apart from the traditional business cards.

Digital business cards started with the first generation iPhone.

With the Bump, iPhone users could exchange their contact information without carrying cards around.

Rather than handing people paper card, which they would end up throwing away if they do not require your services, a web-based business card is the best way to keep your services in the mind of your potential customers

What is now called digital business card or web-based business cards has taken over the business card norm.

Digital business cards sites have created a medium for business owners to create a web-based presence and make their services available out there.

With digital card maker application and experts, business owners can make their business known on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram – the most reliable platform for pursuing and growing businesses.

Gradually and surely, digital business cards have gained a significant ground in the networking and business industry.

Digital business cards can do what the paper business cards or traditional business cards cannot do.

A Traditional business card cannot connect to millions of people you have never seen before or moved along with the ever-growing change in the dynamics of networking and business.

What a lot of people are unaware of is that digital business cards are necessary for the new business trends.

Business owners need to consider why they need a digital business card. Having a web-based business card:

Saves Time and Cost:

while you may think traditional business cards offer a fast service, wait till you use a digital business card.

With digital business cards, everything is a click away.

Manually entering your contact details can be stressful and causes you to make errors, what the digital business cards provide is perfectly written and gathered contact information that will save you time, energy and the cost of printing traditional business cards.


If you need your business to grow in this networking era, then you need a digital business card.

Web-based business cards are highly tied to networking which all lies in the activities in the social media.

Thanks to the internet, contacting your clients is basically very easy now and your potential clients can equally contact you as well when you have a digital business card.


With the printed business card, people who do not need your service just toss your card around somewhere, but with a digital business card, there is a high chance that you can still be relevant to those who do not need you.

They do not have to throw away your card or delete your contact immediately; you still remain relevant when it is time to get the kind of service you deliver.


With digital business cards, you can do several things. You can advertise your brand and at the same time establish meaningful relationships that would move your business forward and help you maximize profits.

You need digital business cards because of its compatibility with the existing business platforms to give you leverage over other businesses and competitions

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