Why Digital Business Cards Are so Important Today?

Posted on: September 19,2018 at 2:03 pm

Digital business cards are cool with great features, the latest trend these days seems to be digital business card.

Many people skimp on their business cards, thinking they aren’t that important. They are just pieces of card stock with contact info on them. I would say think again. Your business card is as much of a marketing item as your best brochure.

As soon as someone hands you their business card, what do you notice? The thickness of the paper, the colors and graphics, and then the contact info. At least that’s what I notice first. A flimsy business card or a plain-Jane business card handed to me on the street tells me as much about the person handing me the card as if I were walking into their place of business for the first time.

Keep Your Business Card or Trash Them?

In a paperless age, Wannado Cards is here to bring your business cards into the digital world, keep in mind to create your online business card and be online and available 24/7.
Never again waste time searching in all of your pant’s pockets or different purses for that little piece of paper. By using Wannado Cards, they will all be saved in one place right away.

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Why You Not Investing in Quality?

The flimsiness or the perforation marks tells me that this person didn’t invest much money into their business card budget. This makes me wonder what else this person didn’t think was important enough for his image. Is his product flimsy? Does the business go half-ass (pardon my language) on its services? And the plain-Jane business card – that tells me that this company has no personality or that it takes itself very seriously. It might be a little boring to work with.

See all the assumptions I made just imagining two business cards? This is what goes through people’s heads as they receive business cards, if not in their conscious, but in their subconscious.

So Why Is The Digital Business Card So Important?

It’s your first impression. When you first meet someone at a sales conference or trade show or even on the street, the first thing you do when you talk business is give that person a business card. That business card tells a prospect a lot about you. You can’t make a second first impression, so wouldn’t you rather the prospect be impressed than turned off by your business card? Why take the chance on something so easy to fix?

Your digital business card has a myriad of uses. You can use it everywhere. You can slip a card link into your invoice , your sales letters, your greeting cards, pin them up to a bulletin board, use one as an ad in the local newspaper … there are several ways you can distribute and use your digital business card. All of these include a component of marketing. Your digital business card is a strong marketing tool that is also versatile.

It can encompass your brand’s message. With your logo, your brand’s colors, your social media channels, your website links, and perhaps your brand slogan on the back of the card, this digital business card can communicate to people in a glance what would take you 1 minute to explain. People don’t want to hear your explanation, but they will take your digital business card and glance it over. Then they’ll remember it and have your contact info saved on their phone for when they need your services or to refer to a friend.

The fact that you are using your digital business card as something that people are likely to keep in their contacts for a long time is reason enough to spend the money and get nice custom digital business cards. You can get professional custom digital business cards from Wannado Cards for as little as $9.95 monthly. So there’s no excuse – professional-looking digital business cards can fit any budget.

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