Best 11 Apps for Creating Custom Digital Business Card

Posted on: August 7,2018 at 7:25 pm
11 best electronic business card apps

Presently, you can hand over your business card to a new acquaintance with just a few clicks on any mobile device.

Thanks to technological advancement, you can use various apps to form, store and send an electronic business card to different mobile devices.

As a result, you don’t have to rumble around a wallet or drawer filled with business cards to keep in touch with people. Clearly, mobile apps can help design business cards and make it effortless to manage your connections.

  • CamCard

The app is very effective for a good reason. It is can scan and read cards in over fifteen languages. Also, it lets you import details from several social media feeds. Also, you use the app for free, however, CamCard cost $5 monthly for the Team package while the business package cost $12 monthly.

  • SnapDat

SnapDat lets users design several business cards for free. The app integrates easily with the Address book of an iPhone. Also, SnapCards is sharable through the app or an email. What’s more, it is useful for both business and personal use.

  • WannaDo Digital Business Card (Recommended) 

With WannaDo electronic business card, you can create, edit, modify, update your Digital Business Card wherever you are and when you need to. Wannado will help create, store and send electronic business cards to your mobiles


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  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Website Link
  • Email Contact
  • Social Media Icons
  • Unlim
  • ited Text MessagePhone Call

All with one click and it is saved automatically














This app offers different main features including, a storage system, thumbnails, and clickable links. Also, you can use the card to make direct calls. Knowee plans include the Basic (free) and Premium plans. However, it costs between 74 cents and $3.55 monthly for the business plan.


With this Inigo, you can organize your digital business cards effortlessly.

Also, you can build templates, which can be deployed to the smartphone of your team. The app works perfectly with Android and Apple devices.


It cost $5.49 monthly for the standard version


Haystack is a business card solution, which allows you to receive business cards without installing any app. The app lets you share, scan, store or update information by just scanning your card.


For the Premium package, It costs about $4

Enterprise plan costs $199 monthly.


The app lets you Updates Outlook contacts and iPhone address book automatically after the card is scanned.


It links to LinkedIn directly

You can send LinkedIn invites to scanned contacts.

It works on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Bizz Card

These apps build digital and stylish business cards. They are very simple to make and you can send to your new contacts with just a swipe. The receivers can save your contact information to their address book, afterward; they can view your social media profiles.


It works on iOS 7,

It is free

The templates are not free


Icon is a business card application that lets you create dynamic and quality presentations selected from the contents of your social media.


It aggregates content from your business’ social feeds like LinkedIn Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter automatically.

It supports iOS and Android devices.


Clinck is a free business card application that helps build, store and forward your contacts to your business connections. The app lets you add photos, personal message, LinkedIn profile, or logo alongside links that are clickable to your website.


It is free

It supports iOS and Android devices.

This let turn your page into the digital business card you can share. Also, you can forward through phone or email.


You can share different details from the page like your email, photo, and phone number, and more.

The receivers can store your information in the address book of your phone.

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