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Hi, and welcome to the Wannado Digital Business Cards affiliate program. Thank you for choosing to partner with us. Hopefully together we can help bring this great online business card to many more thousands of people around the world.

Wannado Cards is one of the most popular and respected Digital Business Card Apps on the web. Online since 2017 it is always amongst the first choices of anyone wanting to grow their business

How Much Can Your Earn

Big commission
The Digital Business Card Program offers you an incredible 50% commission on all sales. If the customer doesn’t purchase on the first visit, the sales tracking cookie is active for up to 90 days.

Digital Business Card Standard Plan Starts at $99 yearly | You take approx. $45 (after fees)

Digital Business Card Professional Plan Starts at $199 yearly | You take approx. $95 (after fees)

Digital Business Card Enterprise Plan Starts at $299 yearly | You take approx. $145 (after fees)

Keep in mind that a large percentage of people ordering paper business card that go to trash everyday, the digital version offers flexibility to the ones who doens’t carry extra weight in they pockets

Look at the income you could make even if you make just ONE sale a day!

Sales Per Day

1 sale per day

5 sales per day

10 sales per day

Your Monthly Income

$1350 to $4350

$6750 to $21,750

$13,500 to $43,500

Your Early Income

$16,200 to $52,000

$81,000 to $261,000

$162,000 to $518,000

How to Get Started

To start making sales promoting Wannado Digital Business Cards you need to do 4 things

  1. Create or already have an account with JVzoo
  2. When you create your account you will get a
    unique JVzoo ‘ID’
  3. You need to request to promote the product, and after you get approved you will be able to get the affiliate link.
  4. You use that special link to send people to Wannado Digital Business Cards and if they use it to come to the site and make a purchase you will get 50% commission
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If you are already a member of JVzoo CLICK HERE to get your affiliate link for Wannado Digital Business Cards

And we wish you success with your promotions

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lolita wilczar
A digital business card is a must especially if you want to share your contact easily and promote your brand more effectively. The key to developing a large personal network is to manage contacts smartly.

Lolita Wilczar
Medical Aesthetician 

Thank You and i wish success in your promotions