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digital business cards

Grow your business with Digital Business Cards, no matter what industry, no matter what segment you are in, we can help you to connect to your clients in a better way in this technology age.

Why a Digital Business Card?

Saving Time & Money With Digital Business Cards

Save money and skip the hassle of designing and ordering paper business cards and create custom branded digital business cards for you and every employee

Gain New Customers With Digital Business Cards

Whenever you shake a hand, a digital business card is working for you by collecting who you met, no matter where you met, just connect with them and they will choose how to connect with you.

Easy Way to Connect with Digital Business Cards

Let them choose how they will connect to you, phone call, text message, visiting your website or following you through social media channels as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or watching your videos on Youtube, keep them update every time you share on social media.

Share Your Digital Business Card With Anyone

Anyone can receive yours and your employees’ digital business card, even if they don’t have the app. Any changes to employees’ details get updated directly on other people’s devices.

Digital Business Cards Works On Any Device

The digital business card App works in any device, it could be any phone, any desktop or laptop and tablet, the screen and information are reorganized to fit the screen size. just spread to the world.

Digital Business Cards Connect With Your Customers

Handing over a digital business card to a new acquaintance is now just a swipe, flick or snap away with your mobile device. In these tech-savvy times, there’s Wannado that design, store and send electronic business cards to other mobiles.

lolita wilczar
A digital business card is a must especially if you want to share your contact easily and promote your brand more effectively. The key to developing a large personal network is to manage contacts smartly.
Lolita Wilczar
Medical Aesthetician

"Create, Modify
Edit, Update Your Digital Business Card Anytime
You Need, in Real Time."